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Queens Parade businesses

Fiona & Nina: The power of collaboration in a shared workspace 

December 2022

Fiona and Nina, both operating their businesses from retail units at Queens Parade, meanwhile project in Willesden Green, have found a fruitful way to combine their talents to create beautiful photoshoots together that benefit both.

Fiona (left) is the owner a lovely dress shop in Queens Parade, which was Voted 2018 TimeOut Shop of the Year for Willesden, Sparkle O'Hara. She curates a unique range of party and evening dresses in sumptuous fabrics with exquisite embroidery and beading. All dresses are vintage and new vintage inspired.

Nina Rangoy (right) recently set up a contemporary portrait photo studio “The Portrait Studio” next door after years of experience as a photojournalist.

Using what the other does best has led to a stunning collaboration, and illustrates the power of collaboration when co-located with other passionate creatives. Queens Parade was one of the first Meanwhile Space projects and even ten years later continues to enable positive impact for small local businesses and opportunities to test ideas with limited risk.

"One of the things that attracted me the most to Queens Parade, was that Fiona was next door. To offer a client an amazing dress they can use for the photoshoot is such a plus! And I think we both benefit from it..." (Nina)

"Being next door to a photographer is great for my business! And for Nina, if she ever needs a particular outfit, she knows she can pop next door and we'll find something suitable that is, at the same time, a bit different!" (Fiona)

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