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Experimental. We like to try new ways of doing things. Agile. We’re able to adapt our approach quickly. Tenacious. We’re up for the challenge. ​Cultivating. We help create supportive spaces. ​

Meanwhile Space is the pioneering social enterprise at the forefront of Meanwhile uses, creating vibrant communities by bringing temporarily redundant space into productive use.  We unlock underused space for the benefit of community cohesion, placemaking and enterprise. This is typified by finding wasted space, transforming unloved visible, interesting, dilapidated, difficult buildings, into useful and affordable spaces.


People starting out struggle to find space to start and grow their creative or social enterprise. Meanwhile Space brings vacant assets into use for affordable and easy access space for startup enterprises, communities, and better places. 


Meanwhile Space’s model reduces the financial risk to individuals, which encourages entrepreneurship and reduces the financial burden for those who are financially excluded. This increases the time individuals can give to develop their enterprise without accruing big liabilities, and results in creating more jobs for themselves and others. This also increases the diversity of business and services, and the involvement of communities in their local area.

Need a retail unit for your new business? 
Not sure what to do with a building that you own? 
Would like to hire an event space or a meeting room?
Are you a local authority with a vacant space? 
Looking for a new workspace or office? 

If it sounds like you, contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

Apply for a space

The application process below is designed to be mutually beneficial to us as operators of the space and to you. Both parties will get the chance to meet, to talk through your project / business and to explore how it could fit within the space. 

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