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Meanwhile Space 10 year report is out now!

"The journey of Meanwhile Space has been a fast paced, sometimes rocky, but ultimately rewarding one. Back in 2009, both local authorities and landlords thought we were completely crazy when we suggested temporary uses of space. We were told no one would ever allow it to happen because it was too risky. We were laughed out of the room when we suggested it should be on a rent free basis in return for covering costs, and delivering activities and security for the building.

But with a bit of naivety and lots of enthusiasm, constantly questioning the status quo of the property industry, we convinced a few people of the opportunity, rolled up our sleeves, got stuck in, took risks and ran in 5th gear for many years. We have always been aware of our limited knowledge in the property industry, but have been very good at navigating the barriers others see as fixed. It has resulted in over 60 spaces brought back to use, but very limited analysis of those projects on a collective basis.

Each project reported on different outputs, depending on funder requirements, and we were so busy dealing with floods and break ins and pest control issues we never had a chance to compare the collective data and draw any conclusions. Our 10 year anniversary has been a good push to do this and we hope this report contributes a piece of research that can be used to develop and grow Meanwhile uses further. "

- Emily Berwyn and Eddie Bridgeman

Download a copy of the 'Meanwhile Space - 10 years in Practice'

If you want a hardcopy of the book its available to purchase at £15 (including postage) please email to request one.

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