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Cohabitation breeds co-creation at Tripod

Three tech businesses based in Tripod, Brixton, have collaborated on an interactive 3D visualization of one of Europe's largest regeneration projects, Wembley Park.

The project was premiered at a Tripod tenant breakfast last month, allowing fellow Tripod businesses the opportunity to watch a live demonstration and to virtually navigate through the new development themselves.

Nigel Hunt, co-founder and CEO of SiNi Software, has the responsibility of ‘3D guardianship’ for bluechip real estate developer, Quintain, and their subsidiary, Tipi. In 2019, the developer commissioned a digital project to help their real estate agents communicate the vast 5000+ apartment project around Wembley Stadium to prospective tenants. Nigel commissioned Lucid Environments to join his team, bringing valuable VR and interactive skills to the project. In turn, Lucid subcontracted some of the work to another Tripod studio, Graft.

This project is a great example of the achievements that are possible when exciting businesses share a professional and collaborative work environment. Tripod is a tech and creative workspace in the heart of Brixton with hot desk memberships, a studio pod and a larger office space available. For more information and to arrange a site visit, go to

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