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Meet Our Tenants | Tom Whittle | Mission | Energy Teas | Tripod, Brixton | SW2

Tom Whittle launched a range of teas for endurance athletes in 2018 after returning from a trip cycling across South America. He joined Tripod as a hot desk member in March, and as his consumer base expanded he discovered that not-so-sporty people were also buying his teas as an alternative to coffee and energy drinks. After a rebrand - launched with an event in Tripod's atrium space, where his master tea blender and a multi-marathon-running Mission tea fan talked about their role in his business journey - the rapid growth of Mission means that Tom is already looking into expanding into an office.

We asked Tom to tell us his story.

What do you or your business do? "On a cycle journey the length of South America, I grew tired of the consistent crash from coffee and artificial energy drinks. I discovered that local teas were a much more sustainable way to fuel my mission. With the help of nutritional experts and after testing them out on a world record run across Iceland, we’ve now blended a range of highly functional,100% natural blends for optimum performance."

What makes your business/product unique or special?

"Every single ingredient in our products has been carefully selected by a leading team of nutritionists, sports scientists and international athletes to create the most effective blends. We also have an online questionnaire to find the right teas for you, something that no other tea company is currently offering."

Describe a typical day for you?

"1. Make energy tea

2. Team meeting

3. Make focus tea

4. Customer calls

5. Make perform tea

6. Sales calls

7. Make endurance tea

8. Gym

9. Have lunch with tea

10. Fight fires

11. Make recovery tea"

Tom says that being based at Tripod allows him to "bounce ideas between team members and the creative community. Being in close proximity to other offices within Tripod is the perfect way to share knowledge, advice, tips and opinions; forming relationships and building a great sense of community."

If you are a freelancer, or a start up with a great business idea, come and join our hot desk community. It costs £135pcm, and as well as having access to a beautifully-designed workspace in the heart of south London you will be able to join our business support events and grow the networks that could be the launchpad to achieving your goals. For more information, email

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