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Midnight Apothecary

Lottie: Founder of The Midnight Apothecary 

February 2023


Lottie is the founder of The Midnight Apothecary, a wild botanical cocktail garden in Rotherhithe. She took on a workspace at The Hithe in 2022 to use a professional workspace environment to progress the next steps for her business. 


“The Hithe has been a fantastic thing for me! I needed a reasonable space where I could focus on work while staying close to the garden and to where I live. The Hithe helped me meet and connect with locals too!” 


Midnight Apothecary is located close to The Hithe at the Brunel Museum above Brunel's historic Thames Tunnel. Their menus change frequently based on what's in season and all of their homemade drinks are infused with local brews, foraged ingredients from nearby, and their own garden. Definitely a most unique experience. 

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