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LJ Works at the London Festival of Architecture: Celebrating Innovation and Community Engagement

This June LJ Works, in Loughborough Junction hosted events for the London Festival of Architecture 2024, with the theme 'Reimagine' 

The 2024 London Festival of Architecture (LFA), celebrated its 20th anniversary this June with the theme "Reimagine," which emphasised the need for change in response to contemporary challenges such as climate crisis, social injustice, and inequality. The festival aims to inspire architects and the public to rethink and rebuild a more equitable, sustainable, and accessible city. This year for the LFA, we were excited to host a series of events at LJ Works. The events highlighted ecology, migration and the reimagining of urban spaces.

Silent Room V.04


Kicking off LFA month at LJ Works, we had the Silent Room V.04 Installation throughout June. Silent Room, commissioned by SONCITIES, by Nathalie Harb and sound by Gerard Gormley. There was a launch party with a panel discussion on Saturday 8th June.


Silent Room’s tent like structure aimed to respond to both the architecture of LJ Works, and the surrounding area of Loughborough Junction, as did its theme of migration, movement and refuge. Situated near the Loughborough Junction train station, a place of movement and an area of London where many cultures intersect, visitors were encouraged to reflect and listen. To low frequency sounds from around the area. The installation featured a soundtrack by Gerard Gormley, creating a sonic crossroads that transplanted diverse sounds recorded around the site and local area into the urban environment. This immersive experience emphasised the importance of human well-being and offered a reimagined view of the city as a space of belonging and rest.

Wild Mind Yard Festival

On Saturday 15th June, the Loughborough Farm in collaboration with London South Bank University (LSBU) hosted their Wild Mind Yard Festival. They brought nature-themed activities to LJ Works. Despite the heavy rain and unpredictable weather, the events had a great turnout, engaging attendees of all ages with a variety of workshops: Mushroom Cultivation, Composting, Seedling Workshop for Little Ones, Cyanotype Solar Dyeing (by Meanwhile Space's Rebecca Ryan), Embroidery with Stitch School and Sound Exploration with Sound Camp.


The activities were centered around the newly constructed Wild Mind Stage, built by LSBU students in the lead-up to the festival. This stage will continue to serve as a venue for future events at the farm, fostering ongoing community engagement and learning.

'Betwixt and Between - Reimagining Residual Urban Spaces in Loughborough Junction

Also on 15th June, Studio 8Fold, EcoResponsive Environments and Where Pathways Meet hosted a workshop/walkshop on ‘Spaces Left Over After Planning’ (SLOAPs). The workshop explored the potential of underutilised urban spaces. Building on the interest from their podcast "Spot the SLOAPs," the event focused on creatively reimagining residual spaces around Loughborough Junction. Participants engaged in activities designed to highlight the value of these areas, envisioning them as multi-functional, climate-resilient landscapes.


The hybrid event, part workshop and part walkshop, guided attendees through the maze of buildings and viaducts in the area. They explored how these often-overlooked spaces could be retrofitted to foster community connection, environmental sustainability, and local pride. The workshop encouraged locals and visitors alike to consider the potential of SLOAPs in enhancing urban environments and contributing to the planet's well-being.


LJ Works' participation in the London Festival of Architecture showcased the power of community-driven initiatives and the importance of sustainable urban development. From hands-on workshops at the Wild Mind Yard Festival to the contemplative Silent Room installation and the innovative SLOAPs walkshop, each event offered valuable insights into, and experiences of the locality. As the festival concluded, we hope that it left a lasting impact on attendees, inspiring them to engage more deeply with their urban surroundings and envision a more connected, sustainable future.

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