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Half Term at The Hithe: Arts & Nature Activities

This half term we are running a series of arts and nature themed activities at The Hithe!


Half Term at The Hithe will consist of seven workshops spanning poetry, drawing, weaving and seed sowing. We are offering low-cost or free places for local young people aged 3-16. The programme is subsidised by Southwark Council, with a view to building community and providing an affordable opportunity for young people to develop their creativity while spending time in nature. 


We will also be running a free, all-ages garden party on Sat 1st June. We’ll be inviting all workshop participants, their parents, the facilitators, and any other Southwark residents. There will be painting, activity packs for kids, a poetry reading and an exhibition. Plus the chance to enjoy spending time in our newly complete community garden! Drop in 2-6pm.

Sustainability & The Neighbourhood

Discover the power of community and nature in building resilience against climate change. This interactive workshop invites you to delve into the symbiotic relationship between people, culture and the environment within our neighbourhood.


Hosted by Look Alive and Symbiotic Neighbourhood.

Weaving Waste, Weaving Nature.png
drawing by Jesse Ajilore

Growing Poetry

Every poem starts with noticing something. Growing Poetry is about paying attention to what’s happening in the garden.

Part scavenger hunt, part writing workshop, we’ll start by hunting for clues in the garden (e.g. the smallest thing you can find, something that’s green...) and then we’ll be using what we find to write our own poems. This workshop is about working with nature and having fun with words.

Participants will be invited to perform their work at The Hithe Garden Party on 1st June.


Hosted by Katie Dunstan, founder of The Poetry Lounge.

Weaving Waste, Weaving Nature

A creative workshop for young children and their families to learn about materials and their impact on our environment.

You will be shown how to make a mini loom, upcycling cardboard boxes, and create your own tapestries, weaving common waste material, like old clothes, colourful plastic bags and other packaging. You will have fun choosing your material, assembling colours and textures as well as learning different weaving techniques. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative artwork by weaving some natural fibres and other natural and compostable bits onto a large palette-loom that will be decorating the garden. 

Hosted by Maud Barrett, founder of Sunny Jar Eco Hub.

Book your Spot (ages 3+)

Drawing Inspiration

Collaborative weaving-SJ.HEIC

A drawing workshop that uses the sketchbook as a journal, taking inspiration from our surroundings and environment. Participants will build their confidence through drawing exercises relating to their surroundings. 


Participants will be invited to exhibit their work at The Hithe Garden Party on 1st June.


Hosted by Jesse Ajilore, local artists & Royal Drawing School graduate (illustration above).

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