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Ebury Edge x BBC 

25th June 2023

Ebury Edge, a mixed use scheme in the City of Westminster, was showcased on BBC Live as a great example of a neighbourhood meanwhile use scheme.
Meanwhile Space Executive Director, Eddie Bridgeman, was interviewed, speaking about the scheme’s outstanding community impact. He stressed the importance of early dialogue with neighbourhood stakeholders, ensuring better design and a mix of uses in a meanwhile project, explaining how Meanwhile Space actively engages and interacts with neighbourhoods.
Delivered in partnership with Westminster City Council, the scheme is a multi-faceted site for local creatives, entrepreneurs and residents. The project forms part of the wider regeneration of Ebury Bridge Estate which will see the outdated current estate replaced by a new quarter in a phased approach. Ebury Edge offers a vibrant space for activities and events, and opportunity for local residents and the neighbourhood community for productive use of space, whilst undergoing change and regeneration.
Eddie told the BBC team that a collaborative and transparent working relationship with project partners Jan Kattein Architects has been instrumental in ensuring a seamless delivery process and an exceptional operational scheme. He also emphasised that affordability and flexibility remain a priority, guaranteeing fair access to those on the scheme’s doorstep.
Going beyond being one-dimensional, Ebury Edge reminds us to resist the temptation of a single-use space. Instead, it serves as a vibrant hub, embracing diversity and offering a multitude of experiences to the local community.

Learn more about this Meanwhile Project here:

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