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NCS | The Challenge

This summer Tripod, Brixton partnered with The Challenge to offer a group of young people on NCS an insight into the world of work and Lambeth creative and digital industries.

The group visited Tripod, took a tour of the space and met some of the tenants. The tenants described their businesses and career journeys, and gave the young people an opportunity to ask questions about what it was really like to be a video editor, to produce theatre by visually-impaired artists, or to create interactive architectural visualisations. Then the team left to work on a project: to plan and deliver a show-and-tell for Tripod tenants. They designed invitations, organised catering, programmed a series of presentations and managed the event on the day. Tripod businesses threw themselves into proceedings with their customary flair, and an enjoyable and instructive lunch break was had by all.

Tripod would like to thank this fun, creative group of young people, and with them best of luck in all their future endeavours.

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