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Meet our Tenants | GRAFT | Motion and Graphics Post-Production Studio Tripod Brixton

Here at Tripod we’re keen on creativity, and for us GRAFT really personifies that.

Being masters in Motion Graphics and Post Production (as well as making the office laugh!), we thought they were the perfect start-up to help grow and develop in our new affordable-rates Creative and Digital Industries work-space!

GRAFT chose to make Tripod, our Brixton based CDI co-working space home earlier this year, and we are loving having them as a tenant.

We borrowed Shane o’Doherty, GRAFT Creative Director Motion, to find out a little more about what they do. Here’s what he had to tell us…

What do your team do and what makes your business/product unique or special? We edit and animate films for advertising - our style is to create emotion and energy through film and animation. We combine our high-powered kit with our industry knowledge to really graft and create a captivating piece, no matter the brief or audience. Our clients come to us to find a new way of telling their story (and we're happy to say that they often come back again and again)! Describe a typical day for you ? I start off my day by answering client emails and having phone conversations with them, followed by a brief chat as a team to go over projects for the day. We have a staff of four in the office and collaborate with a team of expert freelancers in and out-of-house. After that we pick a playlist, pump it out on the office speaker (maybe grab a strong cup of coffee), and get down to the job at hand! I'm an animator and my business partner Rob is an editor, so we regularly work together on projects, whether it's an ad, a short documentary or something for social media - whatever our clients ask for really! We keep conversation flowing in the office. Everyone has an equal say and we find that the best creative ideas come out of off-hand suggestions. If time allows, we like taking breaks and exploring Brixton - I find this helps clear the cobwebs and refresh my mind! We like to get a bit "Art Attack" in our approach and see what magic happens! What makes your day the most productive? Hands down - variety. I've worked for small companies and large companies and I've seen the same thing in both: People do a good job, then they're asked to do it again but faster, and then again. That's a sure way to burn out. We work hard here, but we might be animating one week then working on a presentation for a big client pitch the next. We work in-house with our bigger clients, and then back at our awesome little office at Tripod in Brixton for others. The office definitely helps too - having our own space where we can control the lighting, the music, the general working atmosphere depending on the project. We work with a range of clients, each with their own specifications. Every day is a challenge, it keeps us on our toes and our work reflects just how switched on this lifestyle keeps us!

What have been some highlights for GRAFT this year?

2019 has really seen us expand in many ways! We’ve had the opportunity to work on great projects for companies such as Fitbit and Net-A-Porter, as well our fellow tenants here at Tripod: Kimberley Archer, Lucid & Threekey. We’ve become an accredited London Living Wage Employer which we're really proud of, and has definitely helped us grow our team, even leading us to expand to an additional office here! Another highlight for us has been the opportunity to create a video for the BYB (Building Young Brixton) Charity which comprises of 9 organisations that are helping guide the young children of this neighbourhood. We take pride in having our business here and enjoy being able to give back to the community! Tripod Brixton GRAFT are based in an office at Tripod, our CDI Co-working space in central Brixton. We have two offices available, and hot-desks for individuals and small teams. At £135 per calendar month these are way below market rents. Please click here to apply for a space or alternatively email for more information.

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