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ACCESS: VFX | Careers in Tech | Free Event at Tripod Brixton

ACCESS: VFX – Tech careers event at Tripod, Brixton

Wed, 27 February 2019 18:00 – 20:00 Have you ever wondered what goes into making your favourite films, TV programmes or games?

Ever pondererd how they design magical creatures in Fantastic Beasts, build vast alien landscapes for The Martian, visualize epic super-hero struggles in Avengers: Infinity War, or create convincing period drama environments in Suffragette, The Crown or Florence Foster Jenkins? If so then this event is for you.

ACCESS: VFX, UK Black Tech, The Brixton Finishing School and Ultra Education are teaming up to bring you a series of ‘Industry Connect’ events that will promote careers and entry routes into the UK VFX, Animation and Games Industry, and they’re hosting the first at Tripod, our new CDI co-working space in Lambeth Town Hall. According to recent Screen Business reports the UK’s VFX industry generates more than one billion pounds for the UK economy every year, showing that VFX is a vital part of the UK’s successful Film, TB and Advertising Industries. The UK contains the world’s most significant cluster of award-winning VFX companies, with the last 6 VFX Oscars being won by UK based companies.

Despite the success of this industry there is an under-representation of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) professionals, for example in Post-Production and Animation alone only 6% of employees come from BAME backgrounds. In VFX there has been an improvement recently where BAME people make up 15% of the workforce, however ACCESS: VFX want to improve this and have set themselves the goal of increasing this to 40%, to better reflect our local population.

To work towards this goal they are hosting their first Industry Connect event with us at Tripod, our new Creative and Digital Industry Co-working Space in Brixton. The event will be in the evening of Wednesday 27th February and will be an evening for future talent, students, parents and teachers to attend and hear from the industry about the different entry routes, what skills are required and available training in VFX, Animation and Games. After their event they’ll be offering follow on events which will deliver software training and e-mentorship. Please help us share this great opportunity to support the Brixton and wider Community, and please register for your ticket here! #avfxindustryconnect

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