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Nuclear Winter Wonderland

Leontia Gallery presents

Christmas's overwhelming presence in the weeks before the actual event is something that we love to wrap ourselves in. But sometimes - and only sometimes - it does seem a bit much. Contemporary art gallery Leontia Gallery's latest show Nuclear Winter Wonderland presents original works that don't get lost between baubles and tinsel but instead focus on consumerism, climate change and counterculture. The exhibition runs from 1 - 24 December in Queen's Parade. For the private view on 30 November from 6pm please RSVP.

The Leontia Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of exceptional emerging and established artists with a particular focus on the dark, exploratory and thought-provoking. Before it moved to Queen's Parade in Willesden, Gallery owner Leontia Reilly was one of the first retail incubator users at Meanwhile Space's Central Parade project in Walthamstow. During her six months residency in this start-up space, Leontia was able to firmly establish a name for her gallery through various events and exhibitions. After leaving Central Parade, the gallery continued to build its profile and has now been able to take on a step up space that will allow it to further grow and branch out. Queen's Parade in Willesden Green is one of Meanwhile Space's longest running projects which saw a large parade of empty high street units back into use in 2011 and due for redevelopment. For Leontia Gallery it is an opportunity to continue their success story and provide exhibition space for aspiring artists.

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