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Meet our businesses - craft at its best

It's opener there in the wide open air

Rivenwood Coppice is probably the most unusual shop you'll see this year. Based at Blue House Yard, they turn the London woods upside down to create literally anything that can be made out of wood - from sizzling charcoal to kindling to proper Halloween broomsticks to Swedish candles. Plus everything else that trees and bushes can be transformed into. What's best: You can often see Iain the coppicer working away on trunks and beams to do his wooden magic. Even just looking at his shop you'd wanna be feet up in front of the fire place or putting the next steak on the barbie. How fitting that his shop is based in Wood Green.

Opening times: Wed - Sun, 12 to 5 Blue House Yard, 5 River Park Rd, N227TB

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