Meet Our Tenants | Corali | Tripod Brixton

Corali is a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability. They explore the relationship between performers with and without a learning disability, between dance and other art forms, and between professional and participatory artwork.

They occupy one of our studio pods at Tripod Brixton. We had a chat with Jennifer Dyer, the General Manager, to find out more about Corali.

What do you and your team do?

We are a leader in dance created by people with a learning disability. We've been going for just over 30 years. We have a performance programme and a complimentary engagement programme, working in local communities and with schools. Our main performance company has six adults with a learning disability, as well as a youth company for young people aged 14 to 25 with a learning disability. We perform in all sorts of venues in London and beyond. Some great partnerships have included the British Museum, Tate and other galleries. We love working in community spaces, including pop-up performances.

How long have you been in your Meanwhile Space location?

Since February 2020. Before then, I was based near Oval tube station as a tenant of Oval House Theatre. They have now moved to a new theatre in Brixton as the old ground was sold to Surrey County Cricket Club across the street and all the tenants had to move out.

How has your experience in a shared space differed from what you expected?

It's been even better than what we thought it'd be. This space feels a lot more professional and accessible and welcoming than our previous space. We used to be on the third floor of a building with no lift and the building was quite shabby as well. It's brilliant. Tripod is much more accessible for wheelchairs for our disabled clients. It's a very friendly vibe here and there is another group in here that were tenants with us at our old location. It feels lovely and comfortable.

Where do you see the company moving after your time is up at Tripod?

Hopefully moving on next year to be next door to the new Oval House, a similar situation but much nicer space than we were in before.

What advice could you offer a potential tenant from what you have been able to experience?

I guess chatting to other people and making yourself known. That makes using the spaces easier, even just asking if we could use a table for a meeting is helpful. There also seems to be a lot of skill-sharing which I plan on exploring more. I would say definitely make friends with the other tenants and make the most use out of the space.

Tripod Brixton has been really welcoming for our dancers to come and visit - it's very central and accessible for wheelchair users.

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