Covid-19 Update: October 2020

To our Meanwhile Space tenants:

The 22 September government announcement of additional Covid-19 restrictions presents challenges to all of us, and there is little in the way of grants, business rates relief or soft loans on the horizon. We hope you can continue to generate the activity you need to build resilience and continue to make your businesses work.

The adjustments asked of all of us by government put the onus on us as individuals to play our part in reducing transmission of the virus whilst balancing the needs of our business. We understand that access to our spaces is vital to a lot of you. We will endeavour to maintain access to our spaces, which have all been made Covid compliant, so that you can continue to work.

We have

  • Undertaken company-wide and project-specific risk assessments

  • Asked all studio and retail tenants to undertake your own risk assessments

  • Increased cleaning of shared spaces and entry points

  • Installed distancing measures where necessary

  • Made specific adjustments to each premises

We will

  • Review our risk assessments

  • Introduce QR codes at all sites as part of the NHS Test and Trace measures over the next two weeks

  • Continue to make improvements to our Covid-secure practices

  • Remain vigilant to ongoing behavioural changes in order to normalise best hygiene practices and behaviours

  • Continue to update you regularly with any additional changes

You may need to make some adjustments to your own space and ways of working. Most adjustments are procedural rather than requiring any great expense. If you would like any advice on this, please liaise with your key Meanwhile Space contact.

We’d be happy to hear your views on any additional steps we could take to make you feel more comfortable in a Meanwhile Space premises.

We appreciate these are difficult and uncertain times. Our aim at Meanwhile Space is to give tenants opportunities to launch and grow businesses without taking on too

much financial risk, and whilst we are not in a position to offer ongoing financial support, we can offer the flexibility that our leases afford you in terms of short notice periods and ease of exit.

Please contact us to discuss your situation before you run into rent arrears. We hope that these new government measures will prove impactful and that we can now all look forward to a period of relative stability - and that all of you can get back to creating, inventing and planning for the future.

Eddie Bridgeman & Emily Berwyn

Executive Directors

1 October 2020