5 things to consider when choosing a suitable workspace

28th September 2022


Our mission at Meanwhile Space is to activate disused spaces into productive use. Having transformed redundant spaces across London in the last 10 years into thriving workspaces we have gathered some key things to keep in mind when looking for a suitable workspace that is comfortable, inspiring and brings people together.

Photo: We Are Super studio space, Weston-super-Mare

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right workspace for you:


Is it considered an affordable workspace compared to their competitors? Will the prices allow your business to thrive?


Do they offer flexible lease terms? Having flexibility means being able to adapt when your business changes and evolves; it also provides safety when testing and developing a new business idea.


What amenities does it provide? Is there a communal kitchen space and/or area? Are there any meeting rooms or any additional space for events? Communal areas help initiate spontaneous interactions and could lead to exciting new ideas and building relationships.


How do you feel about the location? Will it attract new clientele/ have good commuter links? Does the location have good coffee shops/restaurants nearby for enjoyable breaks from work?


Does the space host regular events or offer space that bring together the local community or other tenants? Meeting other entrepreneurs/businesses could create new opportunities, expand your network and keep you motivated.

At Meanwhile Space we value all 5 of these requirements to help our tenants develop their businesses. Check out our affordable work/retail spaces now available to rent across our Meanwhile Space sites in London & Weston-super-Mare here.

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