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Where is Wembley?

Where is Wembley? Wembley Park Drive HA9 8HP September 2013

Where is Wembley was a two phase research project that analysed Wembley's highstreets, and collated qualitative and quantitative evidence in order to secure further funding from the Outer London Fund Round.

Phase 1 explored the identity and future of the area through a series of tailormade public engagement activities including: a food tour, mystery shopping, a night market, a history exhibition, an interactive cardboard model for children, surveys, footfall counts, interviews and visual mapping. The programme revealed what is great in the area, diagnosed problems, promoted the activities of independant businesses and defined ambitious plans for improvements. Hemingway Design, partnered with Meanwhile Space as creative consultants on the project. Having operated out of Wembley for two generations, they were ideally placed to lead the collaborative visioning activities with local stakeholders. In addition, Meanwhile Space worked with an elite group of built environment postgraduate students to document and visualise Wembley's built and narrative form. Phase 2 saw a team of RCA postgraduate architects relocate their practice to Wembley. Setting up a Civic University, these researchers-in-residence sought to explore Wembley along a number of different themed strands.

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