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Generally speaking, the film wrapping machine refers to the use of film and wrapping film as packaging materials. Its main function is to use the packaging of pallets, pallets, and other products. It is an automated process of packaging all kinds of regular or irregular goods in a unified manner. In addition, it uses the retractability of the film and the self-adhesion of the film to tightly bind the goods and pallets into a whole. , and then, this whole, whether in the workshop or in the process of transportation, will have the effect of fixing the goods.

Since the film is wrapped around the surface of the goods, this layer of film can easily prevent the goods from being unpacked and collapsed. In addition, because there is a layer of protection on the surface of the goods, the film can also prevent the goods from being dust-proof, moisture-proof and damage-proof. and other effects. Therefore, many companies have begun to choose the use of winding machines, but when the film winding machine is used, there will be failures in different situations. What is stretch wrap machine troubleshooting

The following editor will introduce them one by one:

1. The machine does not move when it is just started

1. The main power supply is not connected, check the external power supply, and re-power it;

2. If the control power supply is not connected, use the key switch to turn on the power supply or close the switch in the power distribution cabinet;

3. Press the emergency stop button and release the emergency stop button;

4. The PLC is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced;

5. The power cord is connected to other equipment and then reconnected to the independent power supply.

2. The turntable does not turn

1. The inverter is burned, and the phenomenon is that there is no display maintenance;

2. If the parameters of the inverter are set incorrectly, set them again according to the requirements of the technical department;

3. The chain of the turntable is broken, adjust the distance between the large and small sprockets, and connect the chain;

4. The turntable motor itself is faulty. Use a multimeter or a shaker to detect whether the motor is missing or broken down. If it cannot be repaired on site, replace the motor;

5. There is no output from the PLC, and the PLC needs to be checked.

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