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How to write well


In the hierarchy of importance after the very first sentence of the text is the very last. Alpha and omega, birth and death, these antipodes hold the structure of any narrative. Without a strong ending sentence, the reader will not get the emotional lift and sense of accomplishment necessary to know that his time has not been wasted. A dead ending drags half the likes with it to the grave and reduces the degree of love for the author. Even pay for college essay if the reader slept through half the text, he is sure to wake up at the end.

Options for a successful ending:

looping with the beginning: the same metaphor, but if at the beginning it expresses a question and uncertainty, at the end it expresses an answer and a conclusion.

an apt quote from the interviewee, summarizing the situation in simple but strong terms.

Options for an unfortunate ending:

A repetition of a thought already chewed up in the lead (lack of intrigue kills any text)

"So A or B? Only time will best essays for sale answer this question" (the lack of a logical conclusion and denouement is a total disappointment for the reader)

a crumpled ending, a weak last sentence - e.g., last in chronology without a summary of who is to blame, what the consequences will be, whether everything is over or not, whether to wait for a sequel, what to do, where to run (the reader thinks sluggishly about your work "and what and why in general")

"so, in light of the above, it is obvious that X and Y" (you can't completely chew up the meanings and spit them out to the reader head-on, let him get to this very X and Y from the text - the conclusions made by him himself are more valuable than your insinuations)

The ending should be unexpected. As if the delicious cake ended at the most interesting place, having been carried away by a crow. The reader should always be fed, but should always want more.

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