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The Relevance of the Study Without Appropriate Arguments Is Given

A graduation project is a scientific study, where each hypothesis, proposal must have an evidence base. Indication of the relevance of the study without specific arguments is an unfounded statement that is unacceptable in scientific papers. The lack of an evidence base is one of the most common mistakes made by authors when writing a diploma.

Incorrect goals and objectives

Often students do not see the difference between goals and objectives. A goal is what is being researched, what needs to be achieved. Tasks are ways to achieve goals, stages that must be overcome in order to get the desired result.

Incorrect subject and object

In 75% of cases, this error appears in theses and is eliminated in the course of revision. The subject, as a rule, is understood as the theoretical foundations of the topic under study: the essence, the main elements and properties, the functions and role of the object, etc. The object is a general field of study, an example of which demonstrates the progress of the research, the thoughts of the author. Often, as an object, they indicate the enterprise where the student underwent pre-diploma practice and studied a specific direction, the topic of the diploma.

Lack of links

The thesis project must be presented in a logically connected form. Each subsequent conclusion follows smoothly from the previous one, each subsequent chapter is connected with the previously stated text. It is impossible to gallop across Europe, bringing theses, calculations, conclusions and not linking the thoughts expressed to each other, without presenting a single chain of presentation in accordance with the principles of logic, work structure, understandability and clarity.

Insufficient number of sources used in the course of writing

As a rule, this error occurs in the humanities, where it is required to provide an analysis of literature sources, indicate the novelty and degree of study of the topic. It is important that all the resources used are up-to-date, meet the requirements of the university in terms of the date of publication, the minimum allowable number, etc.

Writing an introduction before collecting information and writing a paper

Often, the student starts first to create an introductory part, and then to write the diploma itself. This approach is wrong. The introduction and conclusion should be written as the study is completed. This method will correctly reflect all the elements, analyze the main aspects and reflect the relevance, methodological base, degree of study, etc. Moreover, the graduation project is repeatedly subjected to adjustments. Therefore, the introduction should be written at the final stage of the creation of the WRC.

Thus, while writing the introductory part of the diploma, it is necessary to pay special attention to the structure, methodological recommendations and the course of the study itself. The introduction is one of the important parts of the WRC, which will introduce readers to the author's works and create a first impression of the research.

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