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Image of Blue House Yard, Wood Green

Meanwhile Use in Clapham Park

As a local resident in Clapham Park your views on the area’s redevelopment are important in shaping what types of spaces will be on offer and what activities you would like to see. Maybe you run your own business? Have you been working from home in the last year and rely on local services much more? Or are you looking for a space to start your business from? If so, we would really like to hear your views.

We (Meanwhile Space, Jan Kattein Architects) have been commissioned by Metropolitan Thames Valley to assess the interest in a temporary space and how local residents would use it. We have put together a short survey to gain a better understanding of people’s views – both by residents looking for space to run businesses from or looking for new retail or community offers in the area. Your feedback will form part of the research underpinning a feasibility study and will help shape the spatial mix and facilities that the new space could offer.

The survey should take 5 minutes to complete and you can access it through this link: COMPLETE SURVEY

The deadline for the completion of the survey is the 14th of May.
Thank you very much for your time and thoughts. 

To learn more about Meanwhile Space’s work and the businesses and community users we provide space for, we have selected one project in Westminster and one Lambeth-based business to tell you more about who is Meanwhile Space?


Project Focus - Ebury Edge


Ebury Edge is a Westminster City Council-funded temporary space for small businesses and the local community, whilst the surrounding estate is being redeveloped. It provides workspace, and retail units for local start-ups, and has a social enterprise café and a community hall at its heart to create new spaces for residents to meet, interact and enjoy. The spaces sit around a central courtyard that will be used for markets, outdoor eating, and as a meeting space for businesses and locals alike. Located just across Chelsea Bridge, it is close to Clapham Park and definitely worth a visit to see what these temporary spaces can make possible.

Website -
Instagram - @eburyedge

Tenant Spotlight - Paws and Pause


Established in 2019 by Jodie and Grace, Paws and Pause is a doggy daycare with a social focus. In addition to providing an amazing dog daycare service, they also offer trainee placements to those who have experienced unemployment due to mental health difficulties. Trainees are supported in building their confidence and employability skills to help them make their next steps within the world of work or volunteering. Located in a Railway Arch in Loughborough junction, the space was their first business location and has given them the opportunity to test their idea, prove the viability of their business model and grow their business.

Website -
Instagram - @pawsandpause

Now that you've learned a little more about what we do and what a meanwhile Scheme is please take a few minutes to tell us what you would like to see by completing the survey at the link below:

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