Meanwhile Rentals

Meanwhile Rentals

We support new businesses and projects to grow by providing affordable incubator space on flexible terms within Meanwhile premises. This may be properties we take on in locations
that are desirable for our network, or as a continuation from Delivery projects after a funded project has finished.

As a “Meanwhile Intermediary”, Meanwhile Space plays a critical role in facilitating temporary uses of vacant space through building strong collaborative partnerships between landlords with vacant space and the people with the great ideas to fill those spaces. This happens through providing legal and administrative support and relationship management expertise. We manage the relationship between big landlords (eg Network Rail) and small tenants (the project, business or group using the space).

Often landlords are not comfortable dealing directly with startups, individuals and the creative industries, as they see it as a lot of effort and some risk, without a financial return (as Meanwhile is usually a peppercorn rent agreement with the landlord). Those who have valuable ideas for using empty spaces are often not able to assure the property owner or manager of their ability to look after the property and return it when needed. The result is many landlords leave properties which are earmarked for redevelopment, or cannot be let for legal or physical reasons, empty, which costs significant amounts in security, business rates and insurance. Increasingly public bodies and institutions are under pressure to reduce costs and utilise empty space.

Our role is to utilise our position as market leader in the field of Meanwhile uses, and our professional reputation to free the landlord from the day-to-day administration and costs of the empty space, protecting them against anything going wrong, and facilitate affordable use of space for startups, creatives and individuals.

Since 2009, we have unlocked more than 50 properties, creating spaces for more than 511 tenants, saving landlords over £685,000 in empty property rates, and generating economic and social value for a period, then returning it enhanced in terms of physical condition and potential.

We are keen to partner with landlords and asset holders with single or multiple spaces with the potential to interest our networks, please contact We are also keen to hear from people looking for space for a project, business or idea.