Meet Our Tenants: Miranda Fairhurst

2nd December 2015

Miranda is a tenant in one of our arches in Loughborough Junction. She is a florist who specialises in bespoke flower arrangements for events. Here's what Miranda has to say about what she does and how her arch space benefits her business:

"I run an events floral design company, working in London and all over the country. I employ a large casual, unskilled, as well as full time number of staff and therefore being within a local community in which I both work and live gives me access to lots of local labour and the continuity that this provides for both me and the people who help me, whether it is preparation of flowers, driving, cleaning or carpentry. I have lived in Brixton for some time and much enjoy both working and living within the community. The archways provide the perfect environment for flowers being dark and cool. We have extensively refurbished the archway, installing power and rehabilitating it into a space that brings together local people to help with a very creative and exciting business"

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